Bonus Ball Terms and Conditions

Bonus Ball Club Terms and Conditions

Teams and Contions

  1. The Club shall be known as “Maldon Carnival Bonus Ball Club”
  2. The objective is to raise funds to support Maldon Carnival Ltd and other local charities support by the Carnival.
  3. The minimum stake of £3 per month entitles the member to 1 number which shall be entered the monthly draws.
  4. A member may hold a maximum of 3 entitles / 3 Bonus Ball numbers each costing £3 per month.
  5. Members may choose their numbers from 1 -59 as long as another member has not already been allocated that number.
  6. The Club shall be open to all persons over 16 years old.
  7. All payments to the Club can be made via our website, PayPal or preferably monthly standing order.
    1. 66% of the income shall be paid out as prizes on a monthly basis
      The balance less expenses shall be paid to Maldon Carnival Ltd.
    1. Example assuming 59 members each paying £3 per month
      Each member would have 1 number i.e. 59 numbers sold:
      Monthly prizes totalling £119:
Bonus Ball£59
1-6 numbers drawn£10
  • If 59 numbers are not sold, then the prizes will be awarded pro rata to the example above.
  • The main draw will take place on the first Saturday of the Month and will be the National Lottery Main Draw. 
  • If no wins the main prize it will be rollover to the next draw.  Runner up prizes do not carry over.
  • The Club shall be administered by the Lotteries Secretary duly appointed, by the Maldon Carnival executive committee.
  • Maldon Carnival does not organise the Lottery Draw.  We use the same numbers draw by National Lottery each week.
  • The winning numbers and amounts shall be displayed on the website
  • Winners shall be notified by the Lotteries Secretary. In the event that a prize cheque is not cashed within 6 months of the date of issue then the prize amount will be donated to Maldon Carnival Ltd.
  • The Club shall be registered with Maldon District Council and the Lotteries Secretary shall be responsible for lodging the necessary returns with the Council.
  • The Lotteries Secretary shall keep a record of Club members: names, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses.
  • All expenses, e.g. registration fee, shall be taken from the profits and not from the prize money which shall be 66% of the total income.
  • Any matters not covered by these rules, shall be decided by the Maldon Carnival Ltd executive committee